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දුටුගැමුණු රජුගේ මරණය ඝාතනයක්‌?

"වීරත්වය" මිනිසුන් ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨත්වයට පත්කරනු ලබයි. ලෝකයේ සෑම රටකටම අයත් ඉතිහාසය තුළ ප්‍රබලත්වයක්‌ හිමිකර දෙන්නේ වීරයන් සඳහාම පමණකි. ඉතිහාසය තුළ ආකර්ෂණීය ඉඩක්‌ වෙන්කරගත් කවර තරාතිරමකම පුද්ගලයකු වුවද ඔහු වීරයෙකි. විශිෂ්ට වූ...

  May-14 11:06 am  |     Udith Kulasooriya Read more

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Fastway, a 100% Sri Lankan owned business, is a group of full-service advertising agency which is designed to cater the needs of a diversified community with an expertise in all marketing disciplines.  We have many other projections and are the market leaders in the export industry and real estate sector of Sri Lanka. Our newest projection into business is, a classified advertising website. We have commenced providing specialized classified marketplace online making the Sri Lankan shopping experience way easier and friendlier. Even though the Sri Lankan buyer and seller were recently introduced to this area, globally internet classifieds have become the rulers of